About us


To provide strategic management assistance that will ensure growth and self-sustainability of alternative sexual lifestyle communities (swingers, BDSM, kinky, other).


Desiree Smith

StratSolve is consultant organization that serves both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses. The firm was founded by Desiree Smith, who has over seven years of experience providing assistance to organizations and individuals on a helping to swingers and BDSM communities. The organization associates are comprised of skilled professionals who possess expertise in all aspects of organizational development and management assistance.

Desiree Smith has devoted the past several years developing creative applications of learning theory to assist people of alternative sexual lifestyles, swingers and kinky, as well as in resolving problems related to their swinging and kinky lifestyle in their workplaces and personal lives. She has focused his efforts on alternative sexual organizations development with an emphasis on leveraging the impact of organizational assessment, planning, performance management, and the impact of an increasingly diverse workforce on organizational growth.